July Beauty Review

Hair, Skincare, Makeup Review for July

Diorshow Lash Extension Mascara

This mascara is meant to make your lashes look like you have lash extensions. The formula is buildable so you can get as dramatic of a look as you want. It is meant to cling between your lashes to thicken without clumping.

When trying to apply this mascara, 90% of the contents came out at once. I had to try and get the mascara back into the tube. Once applied, the mascara was dramatic but too clumpy for my liking. 

Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle

This detangler helps minimize frizz, provides protection against UV rays and heat, safeguards color, and adds shine. 

I received this product in a previous Birchbox but had not used it yet. I already had a collection of detanglers so this one waited. I wish I had used it earlier. This detangler smells amazing and left my hair soft and shiny.

Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser

This Boscia warming gel cleanser deeply cleans the skin. It uses heat to open up and unclog the pores.

When using this cleanser, I was surprised by the warming sensation. It was a lot like the Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask. It left my skin feeling very clean but very dry. I would use this product if you have oily skin or after working out. 

Klorane Soothing Eye Patches

These patches are designed to refresh and sooth tired eyes. They are formulated to reduce puffiness and deeply moisturize.

As I mentioned last month, I love a good eye mask. When I put these on, I couldn't help but notice how dry they were. After wearing these, I didn't see any noticeable difference in my eyes.

Estee Lauder Nutritious Vitality Overnight Creme

This is a night cream that restores hydration and deeply moisturizes. Estee Lauder claims that in 8 days it can lead to more radiant and healthy skin. 
When applying the cream to my face, I noticed how thick and rich the cream was. It took a while for the product to absorb into my skin. I didn't use this product for 8 days because it was too heavy for me. I would recommend this product for very dry or very mature skin.

July Beauty Review Conclusion

This month my favorite product was the Beauty Protector. It really smelled good, left my hair soft, and added shine without making my hair greasy. 

My least favorite product was the Diorshow Mascara. The tube design is flawed and the product made my eyelashes clumpy.

**Bonus Review**

As a member of Influenster, I received free shampoo and conditioner from TRESemme to review. They sent me this really cool reverse system Beauty Full Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. Instead of shampooing first and conditioning second, you condition first and shampoo second. This reverse process is supposed to help with volume by not weighing your hair down. 

I was pleasantly surprised by this set. The conditioner smelled a bit more herbal but the shampoo smells more fruity. I really likes how pretty my hair smelled after using this system. It did give me more volume too. 

If you are active on social media or have a blog, I really suggest signing up for an account with Influenster. I have already received three boxes of products to review! 

My Picks: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you probably know Nordstrom is having it's big sale right now.  Right now access is limited to Nordstrom credit and debit card holders, but the sale will open to everyone on July 22!

As someone that loves to shop, I knew I had to sneak a peak at what was available. While I'm on a bit of a budget now, I can still dream, right? Here are a few of my favorite items from the sale.

I have been wanting a pair of Tory Burch boots for THE LONGEST TIME. I really love the more polished look. If you are wanting a more western style boot, then the Frye boots would be the choice for you. Need a pair under $200, than these Ahnu boots are for you.

I don't get many sunny days in the PNW during the fall and winter, but these would be great for those that live in sunnier climates. I'm loving these two tone sunglasses, but you can't go wrong with a classic pair from Kate Spade.

I have a very extensive scarf collection. These two have very unique patterns.  If you like a lighter color palette, than you might love this artisan patchwork scarf. I tend to gravitate to the darker colors in this scarf.

With smart phones, most people don't wear watches anymore. I could get behind wearing either of these watches. This Fossil watch and this Skagen watch are both a steal at under $100.

I've been wanting to add some new jewelry to my collection. While I gravitate to a more tradition look, this funky bracelet is just too cool. The earrings from my May Shopping Guide are part of the sale and comes in three different colors.

Because I am trying to get back into my beauty routine, I had to check out the beauty options that are on sale. For those that love the high end beauty products, there is this set from Burberry or this one from Bobbi Brown. If skincare is more of your thing, get a Clarisonic for a steal at $89.

Rumor has it that more items will be marked down for the sale on the 22nd. I'm hoping that is true. I'd like to get some super cute items for the boys and a pair of flats for myself.

Are you planning on shopping the sale this year? What are you hoping to score?

My Boys' Life

I follow a couple of bloggers that share updates on their kiddos and I really appreciate it.  I've decided to do a new monthly feature post on the boys.


I cannot believe that he is already a month old.  He has come a long way since his days in the NICU. He has gained weight and has grown a ton. He is now 8 pounds and 1 ounce. He is also fairly long at 20.5 inches. 

When he came home he was a great sleeper and only ate a little bit. Now at a month old, he is a bit more restless and is eating a ton. He keeps me and my husband up at night quite a bit right now. 

Unlike my oldest that could sleep through anything, Snuffles, is more particular about his sleep. He prefers to be still, unswaddled, and he needs a quiet atmosphere. He really likes to be held while he sleeps but we are trying not to start that habit. 

I feel that his time in the NICU has made him like a quiet and still atmosphere. Unfortunately, having a toddler in the house makes it the opposite of calm and quiet. 

Little Stinker 

Little Stinker has had to make a lot of adjustments since Snuffles cam home. He was always the center of attention before he had a brother. He still needs to get used to not being the center of attention all of the time, but he is doing better than we thought. 

At 19 months, Little Stinker is very curious. He loves to get into everything. He especially loves to get into things when I am feeding or holding his brother. 

At his 18 month appointment I was worried about slow speech development because he was behind on words. I am no longer worried as his vocabulary has exploded. His favorite things to say are "uh oh" and "bye bye." He loves to say hi and bye to everyone too. 

Socially Little Stinker is a big flirt. He loves to bat his eyes at anyone that will look at him. He is friendly at the grocery store with the clerks and with other shoppers. He still doesn't play much with other children. I think this has more to do with the unfriendly mothers at Gymboree. They keep their kids pretty close and don't encourage their kids to play with other kids.

5 Ways To Make Money At Home

Because the cost of childcare would cost as much as I am capable of bringing in, my husband and I decided it would be better if I stayed home.I love my children and I am glad to be here with them even though being a dual income home would be nice. I would need to have a salary of $52,000 a year to warrant going back to work. So until I can find the perfect job or my kids are in school, I will be home. While at home, I try to earn as much money as I can. Here are my secrets to earning a little bit of side income.

five ways to make money

1. Swagbucks

When I first heard of Swagbucks, I thought it was a scam. Now that I have been swagging for several months, I know that it is the real deal. I get cash back on most online purchases and I do surveys.

I typically spend an hour a day working on surveys. Sometimes there are not enough surveys for me to complete and sometimes there are a ton. I average about $25 a month from shopping rebates and surveys.

Go ahead and sign up using this referral link.

Join Swagbucks!

2. Ibotta

I kept seeing ads for this everywhere. Out of curiosity I decided to join. I am so glad I did. I use this app on my phone to get cash back for things I already purchase. Scan the products you buy and upload a picture of your receipt.

In one month, I have already earned $28 from purchasing grocery items like bread, chips, and onion.

Check out Ibotta and get cash back. Use my referral code and you can earn an extra $10: jlytbtb

3. Influenster

I am really new to the blogging scene. I never knew I could use my social media influence to get free products. Just review your favorite products and link your social media and you will qualify for a VoxBox in no time.

I have a pretty small following and I have received 3 boxes in my first month. They have sent me hair products, medicine, and supplements. The items you receive for review are based on the products you review and your demographics.

One of the boxes they sent me was a sample of ZzzQuil. While I wont be needing to take a sleep aid anytime soon with a newborn, I will be stashing it away for a weekend that the kids are with the grandparents. I've used ZzzQuil in the past, so I know it is a really great sleep aid.

While not exactly money, free stuff means I can spend less. If you want free stuff, sign up here.

4. Adsense

I have been blogging since 2013 and I am just now seeing some revenue from Adsense.

In the past two months, I have averaged about $10 a month. I make this by promoting my blog on all of my social media sites.

5. Shop Style Collective

Since I already make recommendation on products to buy, I decided to go ahead and join Shop Style Collective. I make a small percentage based on purchases made through my links. I also get a little bit for every time someone clicks on one of my product links.

I only make a couple of dollars a month this way. I'm not a fashion blogger so this is to be expected.

July Shopping Guide

After having a baby, I have being feeling pretty blah. As a remedy, I am trying to amp up my glam factor. When I want to feel glamorous I turn to pretty jewelry, luxurious bags, and flawless makeup. This month's guide is all about having a glamorous summer.

I have a serious problem when it comes to designer bags. I already have this really great Kate Spade bag (1). I love to wear it when I am going out to a nice dinner in Portland. While I enjoy Kate Spade, I typically buy Coach purses because we have an outlet not far from my house. If Coach is your favorite, then this bag might be more your thing. Glam doesn't always have to cost a fortune, this bag is a great budget find.

Nothing is more glamorous than diamonds. These diamond studs (2) are a great mix of classic and fun. I also love these Jennifer Meyer earrings, but would like to find something similar for less money. For a more trendy look, check out this ear crawler.

When I was younger, I had very long lashes. As I have aged, I have found them to be not a long or full. Lash extensions seem a bit excessive to me so fake lashes are the way to go. These Benefit lashes (3) are just super glam.

I have heard the best things about this Marc Jacobs Glow Stick (4). I am really hoping to get to try \it. I've also heard good things about this highlighter.

Diamonds might be a girls best friend, but I'll take a pretty emerald too.  I love the emerald and diamond stones in this beautiful ring (5). I would take this one, this one, or this one too!

I also love white tulips, lace, glitter, and sequins. What makes you feel glamorous?