IKEA Raskog Cart

When I found out I was having a baby, I had to get rid of a bunch of stuff because I knew I would need space for all of the baby stuff. I wanted the items I use frequently to be easy to get to.
On the top shelf I have wipes, powder, diaper ointment, and lotion. I keep diapers on the second shelf. Burp clothes and bibs fill the final shelf.

The cart is easy to move and can fit anywhere. I even bought a cart for my room to hold all of my makeup, medicine, and hair accessories.

It is also currently on sale for $29.99!

* This is not a sponsored post. 


My Favorite Baby Products

When I found out I was having a baby, I started doing a ton of reading on everything baby. I read about strollers, and car seats, baby bottles, pacifiers...

I also bought a lot of stuff. Way too much in fact. Some of my purchases were hits but quite a few were misses. Here is my list of favorite baby products.

1. Dr. Brown's Bottles 

I wish I had found these bottles earlier. I was using a different brand that was supposed to be more natural feeling, but the nipple kept collapsing. These bottles, while they have more parts, work like a vacuum to reduce air bubbles. I really think they help with gas. Dr. Brown also offers several different nipples with different flow rates. While my baby doesn't use pacifier often, I also use Dr. Brown PreVent Pacifiers.

Dr. Brown's Bottles

2.  Carter's Swaddle Blankets 

I found that a lot of swaddle blankets are not very big. With my son being 20 inches long at birth, short swaddle blankets did not cut it. These Carter's Swaddle Blankets are my favorite. They are large and have a bit of stretch to them. They make it super easy to make a perfect swaddle. 

Carter's Swaddle Blankets 

3.  Angelcare AC420 Monitor

Monitors are super fancy now. They sell monitors now that show video. Some even allow you to view the video from your smart phone. Living in a small apartment where the nursery is easy to get to, I didn't see the need to spend hundreds of dollars on a video monitor. Maybe if your baby's nursery is on a different floor there would be a need. This monitor has a night light and a thermometer.  like being able to know how warm or cold the nursery is so i can adjust the heat or open a window if needed. 

Angelcare AC420 Monitor

4. Enfamil Premium Newborn Infant Formula Nursettes

This isn't the kind of formula I use for every feeding, but it is my go to when traveling. At one month old, I try not to go to many places with him, but when I do I want feeding to be easy. I keep several of these in his bag for just in case he needs to eat. They are super convenient because there is no mixing and they don't have to be refrigerated. 

Enfamil Infant Formula Nursettes

5. Sleep Sheep

Putting my little one to bed is difficult. Like his mom, he is a night owl. I am working on getting him used to a bedtime routine. This sleep sheep plays lovely sounds and turns off automatically. Our favorite sound is the ocean followed by the rain. The sheep plays several natural sounds as well as songs. I bought the Pottery Barn sheep bed set so this goes perfectly. It comes in a regular size that attaches to the crib and a travel size.

Sleep Sheep


Its Okay Not To Breastfeed

I know that this post will stir up a lot of controversy. I understand that there are many benefits to breastfeeding. I accept that fact, but I will not apologize. It is okay not to breastfeed.

Before you get all angry, let me tell you my story.

I really wanted to breastfeed my baby. I bought the pump, the nursing bras, the leak pads,and pretty much every other breastfeeding item I could possibly need. I read the breast pump manuals, I read blog posts, watched videos. You name it, I did it.

Some people I know from college, often post about breast feeding and pumping. They made it sound like a piece of cake. I thought with all the prep work finished, that it would be smooth sailing. Boy was I wrong.

My baby was born early. My doctor decided we needed to try and induce labor because my baby was big and she had concerns about my blood pressure. We were both trying to avoid having c-section. I had expressed the fact that I needed to make sure I had a speedy recovery time, because I had to go back to work. Unfortunately, inducing labor didn't really work and I had to have a c-section anyway.

I thought the surgery went fine. I actually felt pretty great (then the drugs wore off), but apparently it hadn't went as smoothly as I thought. I had lost a lot of blood.

The first day or two with my little one were hectic and extremely painful for everyone involved. I loved my baby and I knew that the pain would go away eventually. I wanted to breastfeed. Breast was best, right? Needless to say I was sore and bleeding.

The lactation consultant showed me how to do a proper latch, gave me some ointment, and recommended I meet with her everyday while in the hospital and then follow up after.

After that, everything went downhill. My baby was 9 pounds which meant he wanted to consume a lot. Much more than the tiny amount of not even milk yet that I was producing. This lead to my baby crying and crying. So much that it broke my heart. I begged the nurse to see if they could do anything. Her response it that the don't supplement. She offered to take the baby with her so that my husband and I could get some rest. I was so exhausted I agreed. I don't know what she did to this day. I think she may have let him cry until he couldn't anymore.

The next day I had a new nurse, she could tell that my baby was hungry. She broke the rules and gave me equipment to supplement. It was actually pretty cool. the little hook like thing.  It works to that the baby thinks he is getting it from you and not being fed from a bottle.  I was so happy that my baby wasn't going hungry. I was sad that the nurse had to risk getting in big trouble to help me. The other nurses would have let my baby starve because they are not supposed to use formula.

The lactation consultant kept coming to my room trying to figure out what I was doing wrong and to try and sell me more stuff for the breast pump. Nipple shields, gel pads, $50 ointments, herbal supplements, and a ton of guilt.

Normally, milk starts to come in about now. I was hoping going home with my little guy ( and getting away from the stress of the hospital) would make things better. I was using formula at this point as well as trying to stimulate milk production with no luck.

The pediatrician even had suggestions for me. She also told me there was no way I could go back to work, at least for a month, if I was hoping to breastfeed or bond with my baby.

I had planned on being just like my friends and carrying my pump with me to work so that my husband would have a plethora of milk to feed the baby while I was at work. The pediatrician explained that my dream was not realistic. That there was no way that in three weeks I would be pumping enough milk. Deep down inside I knew she was right.

My job then was scanning documents, easy but required speed. There was a lot of pressure to do a lot of files really fast. If my numbers went down,  I knew I would lose my job (they told me that). Stopping to pump would keep me away from my desk for too long and my daily average would go down.

After the pediatrician, I saw a lactation consultant. I needed my milk to come in and I needed it to come in fast. However, when I got to the lactation consultant's office, all I did was cry. I was feeling so much pressure and having such a hard time with something that was supposed to come naturally. The lactation consultant was very nice. She gave me hope along with a list of herbal supplements and foods to buy that would increase milk supply. She also recommended a pumping schedule for me.

I took my herbal supplements, drank tons of water, and used the pump. For several days not a drop came out. When I did finally get some milk to come out, it was less than a teaspoon.

At this point I was tired, frustrated, and depressed. I couldn't feed my baby, he wasn't even interested anymore. He had gotten used to the bottle. I was being guilted by my mother, my in-laws, my lactation consultant, and my husband. I spent so much time just crying. I wanted to breastfeed so bad. Everybody was telling me how horrible it would be if I gave up.

My husband finally called my doctor concerned about me. I met with a doctor (mine wasn't available) and told her my plight. I was so sure she was going to tell me I had to breastfeed. To my relief she told my husband that he needed to let it go. That I needed to let it go. That as long as my baby was getting fed and was content that it was fine. That the stress wasn't worth it and that I should just enjoy my new baby.

It was an instant relief of burden.


Hospital Bag: What I Packed and What I Really Used

I was shopping at the mall by myself and I thought I was going into labor. I was freaking out wondering if I could make it out of the mall. I wasn't ready. It wasn't time. I hadn't packed my hospital bag yet.

I had been thinking about packing my hospital bag for sometime. I just hadn't gotten around to it. Plus it was hard to know exactly what I needed. Searching online for ideas lead me to lists that seemed outrageous. I was having a baby not going on vacation for two weeks. One blog I visited, the blogger packed three bags!

Thankfully, my baby was not born outside The Cheesecake Factory on a mall bench.

I decided I was going to pack one bag (not three) with a combination of things that my friends suggested.

I packed:
My husbands large robe
Several pairs of large cotton briefs
Heavy duty pads
Travel size shampoo and conditioner ✅
Cottonelle wipes✅
Phone charger ✅
Chicken salad cups
Travel makeup bag
Flip flops✅
Fuzzy socks
Tank top
Baggy gym shorts
One blouse ✅
Two nursing bras✅

The check marks show what I actually used.

What I forgot:
Large towel
Face wash

My delivery was actually scheduled and they tried to induce labor. Unfortunately, I ended up having a c-section. I had to stay in the hospital for several days but because I couldn't do much I used less of the items packed in my bag. Even if I had a natural birth, I don't think I would have used all of that stuff anyway.

After delivery, I was tethered to the hospital bed. I lived in my hospital gown for the entire week. So no need for the robe or any of the clothes I brought. I also wasn't able to shower for a couple of days. Once I was able to shower, I wished I had brought my own towels.The ones the hospital provided were pretty small. I didn't wear the fuzzy socks either. My legs had plastic squeezers on them working to circulate my blood so I wouldn't get blood clots. They were very warm and made me sweaty. No need for socks. The hospital provided me with very large pads and "underwear" which I greatly appreciated.


2015 New Years Resolution: Get Organized

2014 was an interesting year for me. I spent most of the pregnant with my first child, terrified of what motherhood would bring. I new my life was changing. Being prego my 2014 was much different than I originally planned. Last New Year, I posted a list of things I had hoped to accomplish. Out of a list of 15 things I accomplished 4 of them.

  1. Find a job that will last more than a blink of an eye
  2. Go on a relaxing vacation out of the country
  3. Learn to cook French cuisine ✅
  4. Spend less money on things and more on experiences
  5. Climb up the stairs at school without feeling like I might die
  6. Travel to Astoria, Oregon. 
  7. Learn more HTML ✅
  8. Grow my social media following
  9.  Go to Multnomah Falls ✅
  10. Take more pictures
  11. Be more friendly
  12. Try more new things
  13. Eat more vegetables ✅
  14. Do more fun things with my husband
  15. Procrastinate a little 

This year, I plan on embracing  this new chapter in my life. As a mother my priorities have changed as have my goals. Preparing for a little one was a lot of work. The room that is now the nursery was once my office. As a grad student, I practically lived in there. The room was full of stuff that needed a  new home. 

Anybody that knows me well enough, also knows my life is a disaster in pretty much every way possible. The actual physical disaster that was my apartment had to be dealt with. My husband and I had to get rid of a lot of things. What we didn't get rid of, was just redistributed to other areas of the house. Like the kitchen table or the master bedroom closet floor. Needless to say, I need to get more organized. 

This year my resolution is to be more organized.  I plan to first go through all the piles, all the boxes, all the closets and just get rid of a bunch of stuff. Then I will organize the stuff I chose to keep. Last, I will work on maintaining the organization. 


Christmas Gifts For Everyone On Your List 2014 Gift Guide

I love giving presents. I enjoy looking at all the websites and going to all the stores to find the perfect present for everyone on my list. Shopping for a close friend or someone you know super well can be a cinch, but there are always those few people that are a little harder to shop for. Check out my Pinterest board for gift ideas!


Gwynnie Bee Review Update

As I announced some time ago, I am having a baby. Soon actually, but that isn't the point of this post.

Most of my pregnancy I was able to wear my normal clothes. I did purchase a couple pairs of maternity pants to wear with my tops. For work I wore a lot of dresses and a pair of nice black maternity pants paired with tops I already owned On the weekend, I wore more casual dresses, yoga pants, and shorts.

At about 6.5 months into my pregnancy I got much bigger and a lot of my old clothes were a bit snug or short to wear. I knew that I didn't really want to buy a bunch of maternity clothes. Maternity clothes are pretty expensive for only getting a couple months wear out of them. That is when I remembered Gwynnie Bee.

I don't talk much about my size on this blog as that really isn't the purpose of my posts. I have fluctuated in size my entire life. Gwynnie Bee caters to plus-sized figures, even through they carry items in sizes 10-32. After putting on 20 pounds of baby weight, I knew they would have clothes to fit my bigger body.

For those of you that don't know how Gwynnie Bee works, it is often called the Netflix of clothes. Stylists from Gwynnie Bee acquire different clothes that are then lent out to different members. Each member goes through the different selections and puts items in their closet. Gwynnie Bee then sends you items. You can keep the item as long as you want. You send it back and then they send you another item from your closet. If you love the item, you can even buy it. You don't get to pick what you get next, that depends on what is available to be sent out.

Gwynnie Bee gets new items sporadically. While I have 47 cute things in my online closet, I haven't found too many new things to add. A lot of the clothes are patterned, or bright, or not seasonally appropriate. I do wonder who is picking the clothes out because I find a lot of the new stuff pretty unappealing. However, those that are more fashion forward than I am might really like the selections.

I am not due until late November or early December so I plan on sticking with it until then. Since there is no commitment to an item and I need stuff to wear, I am willing to dress outside of my normal comfort zone a little bit.

 I'll do an update to this post in a few weeks to let you know if my thoughts on the service have changed.

Update: I have CANCELLED my subscription to this service. I had a promotion for two months at half price. I was paying about $40 a month but after the promotion I would have to pay $80 to get three items as a time. 

Of all the items that I received, I ended up only wearing two of them. All the other items either didn't fit right or were not very attractive in person. If I received more items that I actually liked and could wear, the price might be worth it. However, with the current selection of clothes, the slow turn around time, and the sizing issues I couldn't justify $80 a month. I'd rather buy something I know I like and that fits. 

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