Beauty Review: Budget Beauty Finds

Fall is all about renewal for me, so this month's beauty finds are all renewing. Below you will find products to renew your hair, revive tired eyes, and rejuvenate your skin. To stick with this month's theme, I also stuck to a budget. The most expensive purchase for the month was $10.99 and most were around $5.

SOO AE Brightening Mask

This mask was a steal, I got it for $3! This mask was very large and had a lot of solution. It left my skin glowing for three days! I looked absolutely radiant and didn't wear any makeup.
Other brightening masks include this Sephora Collection Pearl Mask and this Karuna mask. I have used both of these and recommend them to those that can't find the SOO AE masks.

Sephora Collection Algae Eye Mask

I have serious mom eyes, dark circles and tons of baggage. When I want to look not so tired, I use eye masks to look a bit more alive. I was surprised when I opened this to find that the eye mask shape was rather large and very wet with solution. A lot of eye mask are not very big and are pretty dry. This one was really great for moisturizing and firming the eye area. I also really love the Karuna Eye Mask, but it is substantially more expensive.

Sephora Collection Pearl Sleeping Mask

I had a really great experience with the Sephora Collection Pearl Mask and decided to try the sleeping mask. The sleeping mask is only $4 and it lasted me an entire week. It left my skin soft and luminous. It even reduced my redness. I'm thinking about potentially switching to this from the sleep jelly I normally use, but I'd have to buy a ton of little pods. I also tried the Algae mask but it is meant to purify and decongest which is great but not what I needed.

John Frieda Color Gloss

If you follow me on Snapchat, I snapped about at home hair color.  To be completely honest, I'd never do at home hair color again, at least nothing besides a 28 day wash out. The box color leaves a lot to be desired.

To help keep my hair cool brunette longer, I have enlisted some help.  I did purchase a color conserve shampoo from Target but I honestly couldn't recommend it so I had to go back to my normal shampoo.  I typically buy a special shampoo for dark hair from Aveda and color conserving conditioner.

This color gloss is applied weekly after shampoo and conditioner. After removing as much water from my hair as possible, I applied a quarter size amount of the gloss to part of my hair. I repeated this process three more times. The gloss is left on for three minutes and then rinsed off.

I loved how shiny this made my hair. I don't know how well it will keep my color but I will update this after using it for a month.

Joico K-Pak Reconstructor Travel Size 

I have not been taking good care of my hair for the past two years and it shows. I used to wear my hair down all of the time but now it is in a permanent mom bun. Between pulling my hair back while wet for the past two years and coloring it since I was in my twenties, my hair is destroyed. For me this is heartbreaking because my hair was one of my best features.

I've been looking to repair the damage but getting regular trims and using hair masks. I received a Living Proof Overnight Protector from Birchbox which I liked, but I didn't want to commit to buying a full size bottle before trying something cheaper.

I looked at a ton of masks and read a lot of ingredients. I picked the Joico mask to try because of the price and smell. I apply it, put on a terrycloth lined shower cap, and wait anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. I then rinse but don't shampoo. My hair came up feeling super soft.

I may purchase this again but I would like to try a hair mask with more natural ingredients to see if I get better results. I'd also like to try the Oribe Gold Lust but it is not a budget item.

Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe

When you can shop in most stores, it is easy to build a cute and affordable capsule wardrobe. Building a capsule wardrobe using plus sized pieces is much more difficult. Cute and affordable options can be hard to find.

T- Shirts

It took me a long time to get around to wearing t-shirts. Often they can look a bit frumpy of fit too tight. Finding a happy medium on fit and length can be hard to do. While I prefer a longer but not tunic length shirt, you may find you have different preferences. My favorite is the 3/4 Sleeve Tee because the length is just right and the sleeve length is great to wear for most of the year.


I have a natural preference toward black, gray, and navy. Neutral colored tops make mixing and matching a breeze. You can add some flair to your outfit by picking tops with fun details like the tie front top or through tops with prints.
Cardigans and Sweaters

In the past, I have had three or four different black cardigans and several others in a variety of shades. At one point, I had more cardigans than tops. For a capsule wardrobe I would recommend having one or at the most two cardigans that compliment your wardrobe. As for sweaters, they can be solid or patterned. I'd include a relaxed and fitted sweater.

Jeans and Pants

Personally, I have a hard time with bottoms because of my body shape. Unlike most larger women, I don't have hips. Finding the perfect pair of pants can be difficult. For your capsule, I would suggest picking two different cuts of jeans but you could totally just have more than one pair if you find a cut that you love. I have a pair of boyfriend jeans but I don't really care for that casual of a look. I prefer boot cut and a wide leg trouser jean.


I usually gravitate towards dresses over skirts, because there is no need to find a matching top. The right skirt can be just as versatile as a pair of pants. I prefer knee length A-line skirts because they look the best on me.  Pick a skirt that suits your lifestyle in a color that would match other tops in your capsule.


Before I had children, I would have worn a dress everyday. They are just so easy. I really prefer a shirt dress or A-line dresses because they look best on my body type. You may find you like sheaths or wrap dresses.

Jackets and Blazers

Make an outfit look more pulled together with a jacket or blazer.  I typically layer with a cardigan but I want to try adding a blazer to look a bit more polished. I already own a great denim jacket that I got for a steal.

After cleaning out my closet of clothes that don't fit or that I don't like, I have quite a few wholes in my capsule wardrobe.

I've already made a few purchases including a pintuck swing top in black, a navy tunic, and a green blanket scarf. I still need to purchase a pair of jeans, a skirt, a dress, and two more t-shirts.

I don't often write posts about plus-size fashion. As readers, is this something you would like to see me do more often?

Sample Capsule Wardrobe

In case you missed it, I recently posted about the process of building a capsule wardrobe. Now I am going to share a sample so you can get a little better of idea. I also have links to items if you have need to fill some spots in your wardrobe. I know after having another baby, none of my stuff fits and I have a few things I will need to get.

The sample capsule I have built has a great mix of pieces that can be put together for casual outfits or dressed up a bit. Like I said in my last post, you want to make sure your capsule pieces fit your lifestyle,

For more casual looks, a great tee shirt can be a great base for an outfit. You can easily wear a tee by itself when the weather is nicer or pair it with a jacket or cardigan when the the weather is cooler. I really love the detail on the Ruffle Hem T-Shirt. I always prefer short sleeve so I can wear them all year long.


In addition to tee shirts, I included a basic stripe, nice white shirt, a chambray, a cute black top, and a print. While those are the categories that I would choose for my capsule, your capsule can have any combination as long as the tops you pick can be worn multiple ways. I am really drawn to black and navy myself. My favorites are the black camisole and the navy printed top.


When the weather turns a bit colder, layer with a cardigan or keep warm in a cozy sweater. Right now relaxed cardigans are pretty popular, you could get a more polished look with a cardigan that is a bit more fitted. Again, you are going to want to pick the cardigan that will go with the most of your tops. Sweaters, like tops, should be picked to maximize outfit combinations.

Cardigans and Sweaters

Of course you need bottoms for your outfits. I stick to pretty neutral colors for my bottoms but you can add a color that works with your tops too. I recommend two different cuts of jeans, a pair of black pants, and a colored pair. For the colored pair, you could go with white if you like wearing white pants in the winter.

Jeans and Pants

Some people stray away from skirts because they can be hard to match. If you pick the right shape and color you can wear it many different ways.  I really like the brown but depending on the colors of your capsule you could pick black or blue.


It is always a good idea to have at least one dress in your capsule. The shirtdress is a great option if you are wanting something very versatile. I love how a simple shirt dress cane be dressed up a bit or worn more casually depending on the accessories and shoes you pair with it.


Pull outfits together with a great jacket or blazer. A jean jacket adds a casual feel while a blazer looks a bit more polished. If you work in a business casual environment, I would pick the blazer over the jean jacket as you would get more use out of it.

Blazers and Jackets

It can be easy to have a large collection of accessories. I used to have tons of cheap jewelry that I never wore. Instead, pick a few quality pieces that you love.


Shoes can really change an outfit so I'm an advocate for keeping a few different styles on hand including boots, flats, black loafers, casual sneakers, and athletic shoes.

Tennis Shoes
I have more purses than I need, but find that I gravitate toward using a couple more than most. Pick a color that works well with your capsule if being matchy is your thing. I personally love a good quality designer bag. If  you are building a capsule wardrobe on a budget there are still plenty of good options.

Purses and Totes

What do you think of the capsule wardrobe idea? Do you think you might embrace this trend?

Building a Capsule Wardrobe

What Is A Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a small wardrobe made up of versatile pieces.

What Is So Great About It?

For me, I love the idea of looking good while spending less and taking less time to get ready. As a mom, I don't have time to stare at my closet and pick something to wear.  I also have less money to spend on myself. I need to make what money I spend on clothes to go as far as possible.

How To Start A Capsule Wardrobe

Step 1: Empty it all

Yes, that's right. Take everything out of your closet and make a giant pile.

Step 2: Sort

Now that you have a giant pile of clothes on the floor, it is time to sort. Sort all the items into the following categories:

1. Love It

Items in this pile should be clothing that you love, wear frequently, and fit properly.

2. Like It

These are items that you don't wear often if at all. There is some mystery reason as to why you are holding on to them.

3. Lose It

Items that you don't like, don't fit, or are no longer relevant to your lifestyle. Donate or sell clothes that are in good condition. Anything that is stained or has holes needs to be dumped. Pro tip: Cotton tees or tanks make great cleaning rags.

4. Seasonal

Coats, scarfs, swimsuits.... Keep seasonal items you love.

Step 3:Resort

Go through the Love It and Like It pile again.  Try everything on. Ask yourself if you would buy the item today if you were in the mall.  If no, put it in the Lose It pile. If yes, ask yourself if you think you will wear the item in the next few months. If no, put it aside.

Step 4: Build your capsule

The numbers to use for you capsule can depend on you. Typically a capsule wardrobe will have anywhere from 30-50 items. Think about your lifestyle to determine your number.

Also thinking about your lifestyle, identify a few primary outfit types that you wear the most often.

My categories are Out and About, Mom Life, and Church. Out and about for me would be anytime I leave the house without my children. Mom Life includes taking my kiddos to Gymboree, going to the park, and other similar activities. Church is pretty self-explanatory. Because my three categories are pretty varied, I have picked 35 to be my number.

Now that you have an idea of the outfit types you need and have your number,pick from the items you love and seasonally appropriate items to build your capsule.

Step 5: Put it away

Items that you love but didn't make the cut for the capsule can be boxed up and stored along with seasonal items. You will pull from these items when you update your capsule for the next season.

Stay Tuned

I put together a sample capsule wardrobe list as well as picked out some options from my favorite stores.

September Life Lately

I can't believe it is September already. While most people feel that Spring is the season of renewal, I feel that Fall is that season for me. The thought of the holidays, school starting, and the lovely PNW weather is just my thing. In the spirit of my renewal season, I am going to spice up this month's Life Lately.


I haven't really read a book since the birth of my oldest, who is now 21 months. Yes, I've gone almost two years without reading a book. This month I am determined to get a book read. Because I am struggling a bit with self purpose, I picked up this book at the recommendation of a friend. 


I really don't care for TV too much. Well actually, I don't really care too much for what is on TV these days. Every now and then, I will find something that I really love to watch. I am currently watching Elementary on Hulu and House on Netflix.


During the week, I have music hour with the kiddos. Most of the time, I listen to the Toddler Dance station on Pandora, but sometimes I'll get to pick a station myself. Right now I am pretty obsessed with Of Monsters and Men's Little Talks. Here are a few more songs that I am currently loving.


I finally have a good schedule down for the kiddos so things are going much better. I do have to figure out how I am going to get the toddler and the baby to a doctor appointment next month by myself. That will be fun.

Wifey Life

Things have been really great lately. No complaints here. 

Blog and Social Media

I have really started approaching this blog like a job. I have been working on an editorial calendar for blog and social media posts. It makes it so much easier to have all of my blog posts planned out for the month instead of trying to come up with stuff on the fly. I'm also thinking about changing my blog template again to include larger pictures. Halfway through the month and I am already on track for reaching my blog and social media goals. I have already made my Pinterest goal and I will probably make my Instagram goal in the next week.


I am really excited about decorating for the season, testing new recipes, and going for walks before the rainy season starts.